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Israel: Appointment with Destiny

A stirring portrayal of the history of the Jewish people that includes the intifada and the aliya of Russian Jews.  It dramatizes the history of Zionism in a way that you feel a part of Israel's destiny.

Although produced by Christians, it reveals the sad history of the Christian denominations in persecuting Jews and indicts Christians for their share of responsibility in the Holocaust.

The dynamics of the multi-image/stereo media are used to challenge Jews not to assimilate or convert to the Christian denominations.  It makes you proud to be a Jew and proud of the State of Israel.  It urges Christians to respect the separate and unique destiny of the Jewish people and to support the Israeli State.

Israel: Appointment with Destiny has been highly commended in Israel by the Prime Minister's Bureau, the Minister of Religious Affairs and the former Russian refuseniks Professor Branover, Natan Sharansky, Yuli Edelstein, Josef Begun.  Religious leaders, publishers, editors and academic leaders in the Jewish community in both the U.S. and Israel have joined in the accolades.  It has been highly acclaimed in the BALTIMORE JEWISH TIMES, THE JEWISH PRESS, and 20 other Jewish newspapers.



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