Vol. LX, No. 18198 November 6, 1992

Unfortunately, the theology of many Christian churches refuses to recognize the unique eternal destiny of the Jewish people, in which the covenant dealings of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with the people of Israel are separate and distinct from His dealing with Christians.  Consequently, most Christians believe that eternal damnation will be the lot of every Jew who does not become a Christian.

Missionary activities specifically targeting the Jewish people have reached a frenzied pitch throughout the world.  Time is of the essence! the missionaries say.  Every Jew must hear about Jesus.  They believe that those who don't accept Jesus (the vast majority) will be damned eternally according to the popular Second-Advent/Battle of Armageddon scenario.

These unfortunate large-scale missionary efforts have not yet invaded Israel; but Israel's Anti-Missionary Law is too weak to be credited with preventing them.  The rapid growth of messianic synagogues whose congregants believe that Jesus is the messiah is proof of the Law's weakness.

The Evangelicals are playing a waiting game.  According to their concept, Jesus return cannot take place until certain events occur in Israel.  Evangelicals are, therefore, donating heavily to Zionist projects in order to hasten the time (according to their concept) of the return of Jesus.  They are also hoping to ingratiate themselves with Jewish people while not openly proselytizing.  Once Israel reaches a certain prophetic point of development, it will be inundated with Christian missionaries.

Jews returning to Israel within its historic boundaries is their cardinal sign of Jesus' return.

In order to counter the covert missionary work of the present and the anticipated missionary invasion of the future, Israel's Anti-Missionary Law must be supplemented by the positive approach of educating all Israelis about their glorious heritage and destiny.

Many Bible students feel compelled to share in this positive approach.  A voice is sounding from the wilderness and Jews everywhere are hearkening to it.  It does not call them to become Christians, but to remain Jews and to realize as Jews the ideal set before them by the Lord in the Law and by the Prophets. (From Comfort to the Jews.)

We have worked with synagogues and other Jewish organizations throughout the US.  From experience, we have seen that the Jewish people will listen more readily to this message from a Christian than from their fellow Jews.  We are honored and very glad to serve the children of Abraham in this vision of their faith and glorious destiny.

Pastor Rawson, a veteran minister from Edison, New Jersey, actively combats anti-Semitism.  He is to present an anti-missionary proclamation to the Knesset Speaker on November 9.


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