Israel - Appointment with Destiny

By Pastor Kenneth W. Rawson

The history of the Christian Churches, Catholic and Protestant, and their relationship to the Jewish people has been deplorable. Christians should apologize and take an active role to counter anti-Semitism -- to help Jews to cherish their Jewish heritage.

In the 4th Century, the church compromised ethics and doctrine and became the religion of the Roman Empire. The Dark Ages and the inquisition followed. This history of the so called Holy Roman Empire was written in blood -- much of it Jewish blood. 

Anti-Semitism and Holocaust revisionism constantly needs to be challenged, and this is why our organization uses the press and internet to disple ignorance on these subjects. We also warn about Christian missionaries targeting the Jewish people for conversion.

The most significant contribution we have made in the Christian world on behalf of the Jewish people is promoting what we term the Dual Covenant concept. If Christians can be convinced that God is still in covenant relation with the Jewish people there is no need for missionaries targeting Jews. In the last decade two major Protestant denominations actually embraced the Dual Covenant concept.

We find that the most effective method to counter assimilation and misguided missionaries is by deepening Jewish roots.  Various language versions of the video, ISRAEL: APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY are being shown in Jewish schools, community centers, camps and distributed by Jewish leaders to their Jewish community to deepen Jewish roots.


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