Israel - Appointment with Destiny

By Pastor Kenneth W. Rawson

As a Christian minister dedicated to encouraging the Jewish people around the world to cherish their Jewish roots and not convert to the Christian churches, I feel compelled to enter the debate over the Evangelical Christian Zionists. Evangelical Zionists deliver massive political clout for Israel in Washington and millions of dollars for Israeli causes.

Some Jewish leaders insist Evangelicals are only seeking God's promise of a blessing to those that bless the descendants of Abraham. Don't be naive to the true motivation. To the Evangelical Zionists the prophetic rebirth of the Israeli State was a sure sign that Jesus will return in their lifetime. They will do anything to keep this prophetic sign alive.

Unfortunately their Biblical interpretation requires a Christian Israel before Jesus can return. They expect that a small number of Jews will convert and escape destruction in a coming time of trouble on Israel. The disguised goal of Zionist Christians is convertion of Jews. Over fifty million dollars annually is donated to Jews for Jesus, Messianic Jews and to other missionary groups that are targeting the Jewish people around the world especially in the former Soviet Union. What are the results? Christians for Israel assist Ukrainian Jews immigrating to Israel. Of course they share the love of Jesus with their Jewish passengers. A Messianic campaign in Odessa converted 30,000 Jews to Christ. Now many of them are boarding Christians for Israel buses on the way to Israel where they become one on one missionaries. (The Jewish Voice, Englewood, NJ)

What about Evangelical Zionist organizations in Israel like the International Christian Embassy and Bridges For Peace?  They have a missionary agenda according to Mark Powers, US Director of Magen, an international counter-missionary operation. Obviously, the over 100 Messianic Synagogues in Israel have a missionary agenda many are financed by Evangelicals in the US. Christian Friends of Israel-USA, an avid financial supporter of the West Bank settlements, has a website linked to King of Kings Assemblies, a major Messianic Synagogue operation in Israel.

Jen Willem van der Hoeven, a highly regarded Evangelical Christian in Israel, maintains that converted Jews can still remaine faithful to their roots and to Israel. This seems like double talk -- somehow remaining Jewish in faith, and at the same time converting to Jesus. An equation of tolerance seems to be developing. How much converting is tolerable by individuals or Christian groups compared to their great efforts in supporting the State of Israel?

Perhaps the Jewish leaders are not so naive. Maybe they are just playing the game. In view of church history, take their money but don't feel the least bit ingratiated. Nevertheless this is a dangerous game. Evangelicals are ingratiating themselves into Israeli communities. Israelis wake up!

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