An Exciting Program For Your Synagogue
ISRAEL: APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY has enjoyed enthusiastic receptions in synagogues across the United States.  This production has been used effectively in adult education, men�s club and brotherhood programs�also for Selichot, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israel�s Independence Day and Jerusalem Day.  It premiered in Jerusalem to an overflow crowd of twelve hundred. Completely updated, it is as current as today�s headlines.

Although my cameramen shot some of the footage, my film, ISRAEL: APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY, would have been impossible without the active cooperation of the United Jewish Appeal, World Zionist Organization, Israel Broadcasting System, Jerusalem On-Line, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Tourism, etc.  These organizations went to great lengths to provide whatever film footage I requested.  I am especially indebted to these agencies for the rare history footage that is such a unique feature of this production.

The production includes Ben-Gurion�s speech in which he observed that the history of the new State of Israel did not begin in 1948, but with the pioneering activities that began in 1878.  This unique film footage conveys the awe-inspiring drama of the blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice of these early pioneers.  Again, other rare film footage vividly portrays the unbelievable tragedy of Shoah.  The heroic victories of Israel�s major wars are a most stirring dimension of the production. In all of these aspects of history, ISRAEL: APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY is dramatized in such a way that one feels proud to be a Jew. The subject matter presented in this production has been hailed as the most comprehensive documentation of the history of the Jewish People, of Zionism and of the State of Israel.

Only a small percentage of the Jewish People in the U.S. and Canada have visited Israel�those who have, come back inspired. Visiting Israel deepens their Jewish roots. My film and live presentation brings a stirring portrayal of Israel to those present. They are excited when they see�ISRAEL: APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY.  It helps them esteem their Jewish roots.

The Arab armament race, the peace process, the aliya of Soviet Jews, Jerusalem indivisible, and the pressure of world powers are all brought into focus. Also revealed is the sad history of Christians in relationship to their Hebrew brothers and the role some Christians played in the Holocaust.

The subject matter of this video has been hailed as the most comprehensive documentation of the history of the Jewish People, of Zionism and of the State of Israel. Jewish leaders in the U.S., Israel and Europe urge all Jews and Christians to see this inspiring production.

ISRAEL: APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY will provide an exciting and meaningful program for your synagogue. I would bring all the necessary equipment including a large screen. An 81/2 by 11 four-color announcement flyer (any quantity) will be provided free for mailing with your monthly bulletin. Contact me for a date or if you have any questions.

My fifteen-minute live presentation can be directed to any of the following sub-topics.

Deepening Jewish Roots
Assimilation is at an all time high. A spiritual holocaust is sweeping the globe. What can be done? What I am doing.

The Christian Churches and Israel
The Vatican, Evangelical Christians and Traditional Protestants each have their own unfortunate agenda for Israel. The Jewish people should be aware of these agendas.

The Saudi -Islamic Terrorism Connection
Islamic terrorism, Wahhabism, was born in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Princes are still financing worldwide terrorism.

You might prefer a power point presentation on Cherish Your Jewish Heritage, which uses material contained in my new book.


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