Many are still unnerved by Rev. Jerry Falwell's announcement that the evangelical's Antichrist is a male Jew. History has shown that insensitive theological concepts like this can stir up latent anti-Semitism. The American Jewish Congress observed that Falwell's declaration will have "an inevitably incendiary and degrading effect on Christian attitudes towards Jews" (PRNews wire).

This is only the tip of the iceberg. What do evangelicals fully believe about Antichrist and the Jewish people? Seemingly, they love Israel. Falwell rallies Pro-Israel support among evangelicals. Their ardent professions of love for the Jewish people and Israel are buttressed by the hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to Israeli causes.
But evangelicals' beloved Israel must become a Christian Israel before their second advent scenario can take place. Their love requires a built-in proselytizing agenda.

A sense of urgency became obvious in the resolution of the Southern Baptists (the largest Protestant denomination) to target the Jewish People for conversion. Many Jewish leaders were surprised since the Southern Baptists are so supportive of the State of Israel. But, unfortunately, the theology of most evangelical churches requires this "target agenda open or hidden. Two of the largest evangelical denominations Southern Baptist and Assemblies of God are the main sponsors of the 270 Messianic Synagogues in the U.S. Why are Jews on the target agenda, but not Muslims, Hindus or other non-Christian groups?

This target agenda renders the pro-Israel stance of these evangelicals suspect. Why are evangelicals pouring thousands of dollars to fly planeloads of Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union and financially assisting the settlements of Judea and Samaria? Many evangelicals believe Jesus will not return until all the Jews are regathered from "the land of the North"(Russia) and Israel occupies all of Judea and Samaria.

Second Holocaust
Why don't evangelicals tell Israelis why they are so anxious for Israel to build the Third Temple? Their concept of the return of Jesus cannot be realized until an absurd episode takes place. Many evangelicals believe a superman world dictator. Falwell says a male Jew will sign a treaty with Israel, rule from Israel's Third Temple and declare himself to be God. In the meantime, they believe that up to one third of the Israelis will be converted to Christians. Then the evangelicals' three-and-one-half year scenario will follow during which two thirds or more of the Israelis will not only be killed, but damned to eternal torment because they never accepted Jesus. Additionally, before their second advent scenario is over, every Jew on the earth living at that time, who is not a Christian, will be slain and suffer eternally. Further, every Jew who ever lived since the time of Jesus who did not accept Jesus is already damned eternally. What kind of Christian love is this? How absolutely self-serving and cruel . . . .

These evangelicals are very sincere but their theology and prophetic scenario for Israel and the Jewish people are abominable. Why are they so supportive of the settlements of Judea and Samaria and the work of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem? They hope that this outpouring of Christian love will in due time inspire many of the settlers and other Israelis to accept Jesus before it is too late.

Ironically, while evangelicals finance the immigration of Jews from the CIS to Israel, hundreds of thousands of evangelical dollars are backing missionaries targeting the Jewish people in the former Soviet Union. Thousands of Jews are being converted. These missionary efforts are most unfortunate  imagine Jews worshipping three Gods.  Between the covert missionary activities in Israel (there are over 40 Messianic Synagogues in Israel) and the immigration of Christian Jews to Israel, the evangelicals expect to have Israel honeycombed with missionaries. Their covert one-on-one approach will be, "We can help you to be a better Jew by accepting Yeshua.

Zionistic Sadism
Some Christians accuse these evangelicals of Zionistic sadism. Evangelicals essentially expect, as already discussed, a final Holocaust more destructive than Hitler's. The details of this final Holocaust are specified in the following quotes from the book recommended by one of the leading evangelical churches rendering financial assistance in Israel, BLOW THE TRUMPET IN ZION by Richard Booker (Shippensburg, PA: Destiny Image Publishers), pp. 112-118:

The Jews Final Holocaust
What is this terrible tribulation that awaits the Jews? Moses said it would take place in the "latter days." It is the last seven years of this age just prior to the coming of Messiah Jesus to earth. The Bible says this will be a time of suffering such as the world has never known.

The Antichrist
The tribulation period begins when Israel signs a peace treaty with the one we know as the Antichrist. The word Antichrist not only means one who is against Christ but also one who takes the place of Christ. The Antichrist will deceive the world into believing that he is the Christ who can solve the world's problems and bring peace among the nations, particularly the Middle East.

By this time hundreds of thousands of Jews will have come to accept Jesus as their Messiah. This will come about through the preaching ministry of 144,000 Jewish evangelists whom God will call especially for the purpose of preaching the gospel during the tribulation period. These followers of Jesus will know the Antichrist is not the Messiah.

The Great Tribulation
The Antichrist will march his troops into Israel and for a short period of time will occupy Jerusalem. Every nation will support his retaliation against Israel for their disturbing world peace. The Antichrist will kill two-thirds of all the Jews. This could mean that up to ten million Jews will be killed [emphasis ours]. The Antichrist will plunder the beloved city of Jerusalem, and one-half of the citizens will be forced into exile.

Inconceivable Friends
Horrific!!! Falwell's Jewish Antichrist will holocaust Jews who do not accept Jesus. It is inconceivable that evangelical Christians can look the Jewish people in the eye and tell them they are their friends, yet have such a deceptive diabolical agenda for them. This agenda is both unthinkable and unscriptural.

Pro-Israel evangelicals made a big point that the Holocaust must be remembered. In view of their theology, why was it so terrible? They believe the vast majority of those six million Jews that were not Christians passed straight to eternal torment! According to this view, God will be doing for eternity what Hitler did to each one of these victims for a short period of time.

How can these evangelicals claim such friendship for Israel when their theology is so hateful to the Jews? How can any of the Christian churches replace God's eternal purpose for the Jews with their own revisions?

Pastor Kenneth Rawson

(Pastor Kenneth Rawson is conducting a worldwide campaign to counter Christian missionaries by deepening Jewish roots. He has presented his program in synagogues throughout the United States. Videos of his production ISRAEL: APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY are being distributed in Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary and Israel by Joint and other Jewish organizations. Spanish version is being produced for distribution in South America.)



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