Kenneth W. Rawson has been the pastor of the Bible Students Congregation of New Brunswick for over 40 years. He is also an author, journalist and has lectured throughout North America and Europe on the subject of Israel and the Middle East.

He wrote and produced the film: ISRAEL: APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY which has been highly commended in Israel by members of the Cabinet and Knesset. Religious leaders, publishers, editors and academic leaders in the Jewish community in both the US and Israel have joined in the accolades. His work has been acclaimed in the Baltimore Jewish Times, The Jewish Press, The Jerusalem Post and 20 other Jewish newspapers.

Hebrew, Russian and English versions of this video are being distributed in Israel to counter Christian missionaries and help deepen Zionist roots. Through the good offices of Professor Herman Branover, Pastor Rawson is working with Chief Rabbi Lazar and Jewish leaders in Russia and nations in Eastern Europe to counter Christian missionaries and help establish Jewish roots. ISRAEL: APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY has been translated into various languages for distribution in these countries. A Spanish version is being prepared to deepen the roots of the Jewish people in South America. A French version has been produced in France to strengthen French Jewry to withstand the vicious anti-Semitism assailing them.

In addition to traveling the world with his film and message, Pastor Rawson has waged an active campaign in the secular press, with editorial ads and op-ed articles, against anti-Semitism, anti-Israel propaganda, Holocaust revisionism and missionaries targeting the Jewish people.

His latest book is entitled Embrace Your Jewish Heritage. Ads are being placed in college campus newspapers offering this book free to encourage Jewish youth to cherish their Jewish roots. Also, this free book offer will run in Israeli papers to encourage secular Israelis to probe their religious roots in their Judaic Bible. 


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